Your choice of bauble, your choice of glitter and your choice of text.

Bauble size: 8cm
Bauble Material: Glass - Not your ordinary glass bauble! Manufactured to be more robust that your typical glass bauble that we all remember breaking when a door closes, these are surprisingly resilient for glass. However, we don't recommend testing how high they bounce... 

Care Instructions!
To keep your Keepsake Christmas Ornament in the best condition year after year, gently wipe any finger marks or dust from the surface with a clean tissue before putting it back into the acid free tissue paper for storage. The acid free tissue paper the bauble comes with it to prevent any surface tarnishing or discolouration to the bauble while it is in storage over many years.

Custom Bauble

  • You would be surprised with how much can actually fit on an 8cm bauble However, fitting and still looking good do not always match up! Please consider the room you have available, what message you want to convey and if it might be better suited across 1 or 2 baubles.

    Every single bauble made is by hand, and the text is arranged out of experience as to what placement looks good, exclusivly to the words you have chosen.

    No more than 3 names will fit on 1 bauble, recommened number for clarity while it's on the tree is 2 names, or 1 name on one side, and Merry Christmas or sentiment text the other side.

    Our most commen, and most popular baubles come with 2 parts to thier text, a name and a sentiment on either side on the bauble. Listed are some examples of text that says little bit more, looks good and stands out!


    • 1st Christmas 2020 / Name
    • Merry Christmas 2018 / Love Name
    • Name & Name
    • Mr & Mrs Surname / 1st Christmas 2020
    • Mr & Mr 2020 - Mrs Mrs 2020 / Surname