Create your own custom bauble!


With our Custom Colour Package, you can customise our beautiful clear bauble with any colour glitter inside. You can mix and match colours and create your own, or create a truely stand out bauble with our fantastic range of glitter colours, suitable to match almost any colour scheme you have on your tree! With that you have 1 word or name up to 12 characters, and a year if desired to personalise!



"Samantha 2018"





Custom Glitter Colour Package

  • Your choice of bauble, your choice of glitter and your choice of text.


    Bauble size: 8cm



    Care Instructions!


    To keep your Keepsake Christmas Ornament in the best condition year after year, gently wipe any finger marks or dust from the surface with a clean tissue before putting it back into the acid free tissue paper for storage. The acid free tissue paper the bauble comes with it to prevent any surface tarnishing or discolouration to the bauble while it is in storage over the years.

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 Keepsake Christmas Ornaments 2018-2019
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